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Notes From The Apple WWDC 2011 Announcements

by Graham Needham (BH) on 13th June 2011

While many sites have reported on the obvious key points of Apple's WWDC announcements we found the following tidbits of information to be of interest:
Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion)
  • If you are a consumer you can buy Lion once and install it on all your compatible computers
  • Lion is available in some new localised languages including Czech, Arabic, Turkish, and Hungarian
  • Time Machine can now store local snapshots (so you can recover files if you are travelling without your TM backup drive)
  • FileVault 2 features an instant wipe facility
  • FileVault 2 supports external disks including Time Machine drives (so you can encrypt your backups too)
  • The Finder now has a "merge folders" feature and when a move/copy finds a file with the same name you now have the option of keeping both files instead of just overwrite/cancel
  • You can troubleshoot/reinstall Mac OS X (Lion) from your boot hard disk using a "recovery mode" facility that is automatically created when you install Lion for the first time (useful as there appears to be no physical media for Lion)
  • There is a low power wake up mode which allows access to network services without waking the computer completely
  • There will be a "Privacy" System Preferences panel
  • QuickTime Player lets you record part of the screen, such as a specific window
  • There are two types of Restart: "resume" (restores your current working session) and "clean start" (like the traditional full restart)
  • Screen-sharing will have a new toolbar with similar in some respects to what Apple Remote Desktop offers
  • You can now migrate (your data) from a Windows computer
  • Lion supports profiles so network administrators can create a Mac profile with a standard set of settings ready for the user
  • Xsan is now built into Lion (previously £834!)
  • Apple has posted a list of 250+ new features in Lion
Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) Server
  • If you already have Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) Server, Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) Server will only cost £34.99!
  • Lion Server supports profile creation (with the Profile Manager) so network administrators can create a Mac (or iOS) profile with a standard set of settings ready for the user
  • You can set up a File Sharing area for iPads (using WebDAV)
  • Xsan is now built into Lion Server (previously £834!)
iOS 5
  • Just like the current iOS 4.3.x iOS 5 supports iPhone 3GS/4, iPad 1/2 and iPod Touch 3rd/4th Generation models so no hardware support is being dropped with this upgrade (although not all iOS 5 features will be available on all models)
  • MacRumors has a great list of iOS 5 features and changes
  • Apple's top features (with our notes):
    1. Notifications (the Lock screen displays notifications so you can act on them with just one swipe)
    2. iMessage (save money using this to other iMessage compatible devices instead of using your mobile carrier's SMS text message service)
    3. Newsstand
    4. Reminders (includes the ability to have reminders alert you depending on your location)
    5. Twitter integration
    6. Camera enhancements (you can access the camera directly at the lock screen but watch what your snapping as your most recent photos will be available on your iCloud "Photo Stream"!)
    7. Photo enhancements (you can do basic editing of photos e.g. remove red-eye directly on your iOS device)
    8. Safari enhancements (Reader facility + tabbed browsing)
    9. PC Free (this is a big feature as you will no longer need a computer for your initial iOS device setup - great for people who may not be computer literate)
    10. Wi-Fi Sync (wirelessly sync your iOS device over a shared Wi-Fi connection whenever it is plugged in to charge)
    11. iPad 2 AirPlay mirroring (stream whatever's on your iPad 2 to your HDTV via Apple TV)
  • The basic iCloud service will be free
  • If you use the current MobileMe service it will be extended to 30/06/2012 free of charge. If you have already paid up for longer than this or have unused MobileMe boxes/activation codes you can get a refund from Apple. Apple has posted a FAQ about the MobileMe transition and iCloud here.
  • MobileMe's iWeb publishing, Gallery and iDisk services will be discontinued.
  • A email address will be free (or you can continue to use your old one)
  • The basic service includes 5GB storage (separate to your music, apps, books or photo stream which are all stored for free)
  • Photo stream - includes the last 1000 pictures you have taken (it remains to be seen if you can switch this off separately to switching off the full iCloud service)
  • A separate, optional iTunes Match will allow you to match up any music in your iTunes library not purchased from Apple and download it from iTunes (and thus store in the cloud) - this will be $29.99 a year but pricing and availability in the UK has not been announced yet.
  • iCloud will store all your iTunes purchased music, apps, books, documents, contacts, calendar and mail + a full backup of your iOS device including:
    • Any purchased items (music, apps, books)
    • Photos and video in the camera roll
    • Device settings
    • App data
    • Your home screen and app organisation
    • Text and MMS messages
    • Ringtones

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