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The big move

by Graham Needham (BH) on 9th May 2017

We must apologise for the lack of recent updates. MacStrategy is owned and maintained by Burning Helix. Burning Helix was primarily based in the United Kingdom and also has an office in Prague in the Czech Republic (both countries are in the European Union). In January 2017, because of the impending (stupidity of) "Brexit" we made the major decision to move our primary business 1000Km across Europe from the United Kingdom to the Czech Republic - although we already had offices here in Prague and our servers have always been here, it's taken us a little while for the physical move to happen and to get various (legal) things sorted out, which has constrained our ability to update the web site. The legal companies currently remain the same, both the UK and Czech companies still exist and data controllers currently remain the same. However, we have now positioned ourselves in a more stable situation in relation to the disruptions that Brexit will cause over the coming years.

As of May 2017 we are now able to get back to what we love and that is posting information and updates for the world's Apple users - look out for major updates coming in the next few months including removing the "British" bias of the site and becoming a global Apple users' information resource. Thanks for staying with us and stick with us as we have lots of exciting plans…

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