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It's Christmas - Download a free iOS 5 for the iPad eBook

by Sean McManus on 23rd December 2011

This Christmas, there are a lot of people who are wishing for an iPad in their stocking, so for those that get one (or indeed already have one) here's a free gift that might help them to get the most from it.

Sean McManus, author of bestselling book iPad for the Older and Wiser, has created a free guide to the most important new features introduced with iOS 5, the free software update for the iPad that Apple released in October. If you get a new iPad for Christmas (lucky you!), this eBook gives you an introduction to some of its newest features, including iMessages for sending text messages and photos to friends who have an iPad, iPhone or iPod; tabbed web browsing in Safari; the Reminders app to keep track of all your Christmas thank-yous and anything else in your life; and iCloud for synchronising and backing up your iPad without connecting it to your computer. If you have an older iPad and some spare time while the relatives are snoozing on Boxing Day, the guide also shows you how to install the free iOS 5 software update on your iPad too.

The free guide is a supplement to the book iPad for the Older and Wiser. iPad for the Older and Wiser provides detailed guidance on choosing an iPad; using its keyboard and gesture controls; and using the built-in apps, including Notes, Mail, Contacts, Maps, the web browser Safari, and the video and music apps. Readers learn how to use the iPad to browse their photos, and if they have an iPad with cameras, they can find out how to take photos, make videos, and have FaceTime video conference calls. The book concludes with a guide to adding and organising new apps, so that readers can extend their tablet with their choice of software from the hundreds of thousands of paid and free apps in Apple's store.

You can download the iOS 5 guide as a PDF, for reading on the iPad, your computer or for printing out.

Download the free iOS 5 iPad guide eBook here.

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